Natural Fertility – Getting Started

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Take back your body and your fertility!

Take back your body and your fertility ~naturally~ by supporting yourself with ancient Chinese Medicine. I personally believe the body wants to heal and be pregnant, as long as you listen to her subtle signs and create the right environment physically, emotionally and spiritually. This course has been 15 years in the making and I am so excited to be able to give you more tools to enhance your fertility. Learn what common everyday ingredients in food, cosmetics and nail polish that may be standing in the way of you and your pregnancy. Learn to effectively track your cycle (BBT), figure out what imbalances may be getting in your way and know exactly when to connect in order to conceive! I have handcrafted the most important and helpful solutions I have shared with my clients to enhance their fertility since 2005. Congratulations of your wonderful journey to motherhood.

What you’ll learn in the Fuel up Your Fertility E Course:

  • How to track your cycle by monitoring BBT and tracking your natural signs, what it means and how to fix it if it’s off and figure out what imbalances may be keeping you from getting pregnant.
  • Learn and implement solutions to encourage your body to conceive sooner and simple diet changes that won’t leave you feeling deprived or restricted. Also learn about fertility increasing foods, plants, oils and supplements!
  • Understand the link between your hormones, emotions and how to best create your social life and incorporate fertility enhancing stress relief self care practices based on where you are in your cycle.
  • Learn optimal fertile signs, conception tricks, when to really have sex and early pregnancy clues! Learn easy tricks and tips that are easy to follow to increase blood flow, encourage implantation and increase your cervical mucus.
  • Get a deeper understanding of how the quality of your different relationships affect your hormones and a greater appreciation for the male and female energy (or the yin and yang energy) and the polarity and co-existence that is intended to occur within you.
  • Get the full scoop on tampons vs pads, pineapple, soy, gluten free, what kind of water to drink, castor oil packs, the best kind of supplements (not all supplements are created equal) and ingredients to avoid and foods to do more of! Whew!
  • Preparing your body pre pregnancy is one of the most caring things you can do as a mother. The healthier and more in balance your body is, the more nourishment and health the baby will receive.

Who is right for Fuel up your Fertility?

  • If you aren’t ovulating or are unsure of ovulation.
  • If you have chronic light periods or thin lining issues.
  • Who isn’t right for Fuel up your fertility?
  • If you aren’t ready to invest in your fertility.
  • If you are skeptical or not open to natural medicine at all.
  • If anxiety over doing something new is scary instead of exciting.
  • If you want to have a baby sooner than later.
  • If you have PMS, hormonal issues or menstrual irregularities.
  • If your uterus is tipped or have pain and clots during your periods.
  • If you have an open mind and want to know you are doing everything you can to support a fertile body.

Money back guarantee. I have a 30 day money back guarantee. I have to earn your trust and add value to your life for you to let me into it. Therefore, I 100% stand behind my products and know that I am giving you everything I can to help you become pregnant. If you are not satisfied with the product, I will 100% return the purchase and eat the credit card fees on top of that for you.