Natural Fertility – Acupressure

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What you will learn in the Fuel up Your Fertility Self Acupressure Course:

Finally, something that feels good and is relaxing (rather than another procedure) for yourself, your uterus and your future baby! Using time tested sacred fertility acupressure points for just a short time on yourself every day will increase your blood flow, balance your hormones, support healthy cervical mucus and encourage implantation.

This course is designed to empower you to have a self care routine specifically tailored to enhance your fertility, calm your body and mind and clear out any imbalances preventing you from conceiving. I have hand selected the 5 most important points to do each week of your cycle in a hands on and simple routine to support your period, ovulation, implantation and luteal phase and include a bonus point each week for the highly motivated who are ~really~ enjoying the acupressure routine.

Self acupressure to support you through all four weeks of your natural fertility cycle will be taught so you can watch it over and over until you have it memorized… and I will even do it along with you!

Who is right for Fuel up your Fertility?

  • If you aren’t ovulating or are unsure of ovulation.
  • If you have chronic light periods or thin lining issues.
  • Who isn’t right for Fuel up your fertility?
  • If you aren’t ready to invest in your fertility.
  • If you are skeptical or not open to natural medicine at all.
  • If anxiety over doing something new is scary instead of exciting.

Money back guarantee. I have a 30 day money back guarantee. I have to earn you trust and add value to your life for you to let me into it. Therefore, I 100% stand behind my products and know that I am giving you everything I can to help you become pregnant. If you are not satisfied with the product, I will 100% return the purchase and eat the credit card fees on top of that for you.