I’ve always questioned things, ever since I was a little girl. Much of my teens I was on birth control for my “out of balance” hormones. My first question was why do we always prescribe birth control to young women for almost everything? Aren’t there side effects from doing this? I was referred to get acupuncture for back pain when I was 16 and my response was, “Why would l let a stranger poke me full of needles, heck no!” So it follows that when women want to become parents, the first solution is that they must be doing something “wrong” or “something here needs to be fixed.” Maybe, but probably not.

There are gentle soft choices that we can make that fill us up and move us in the direction to life we want. This course is intended to empower you to create the best optimal environment for a baby through self love via self care with acupressure techniques, nourishing foods, teas and substances through my gentle guidance. I’m not keeping score and will not follow up with you if you fall off the wagon! You are allowed to fall off the wagon. I am not going to keep telling the lie that the more strict you are and the more rules you follow, the faster your baby will come. Women are done being told what they are doing isn’t enough and so am I, so this course isn’t about another routine or set of rules that you need to follow. It’s a an approach to self care that is going to have no other option than to create a body perfectly balanced to welcome in a new life.

I’ve been in private practice either doing fertility massage or acupuncture for over 15 years now and it started to bother me that I wasn’t being of service enough to the parents of the world. I finally faced the fears of creating a new business and started My Natural Fertility as a resource and guide to get life changing tips and effective at home tools that women can start doing right away no matter where they live or what their story may be.