I first started coming to see Chandon for acupuncture and Mayan massage when diagnosed with unexplained infertility. It is impossible to express in words how much gratitude I feel toward Chandon. Chandon was a huge part of my support system during a very difficult time. She was a empathetic listener without judgment and provided me with acupuncture, herbal, dietary, lifestyle, and spiritual guidance in a respectful way in order to help heal. I can honestly say I never felt better in my whole life than I did when receiving this treatment. When I did finally get pregnant she was by my side supporting me in healing physically and emotionally when I miscarried. I quickly became pregnant again and I truly believe the acupuncture supported me in carrying this pregnancy to term. Just past 38 weeks gestation, I needed help inducing naturally due to risk of medical induction and received acupuncture from Chandon and Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy. The next day I went into labor and had a beautiful, quick all natural birth! I can’t say enough positive about my experience with Chandon and my ATMAT provider and their intuitive healing gifts and would highly recommend both.” –JC

After 5 years of infertility my husband and I decided to try IVF. I had been doing acupuncture for awhile and knew it would increase my chances with IVF. I had great results with my egg retrieval. Chandon came to the fertility clinic and gave me my treatment just before my embryo transfer and I went to her office after for a second treatment. We were successful our first try with IVF and had embryos left to freeze. I continued to do acupuncture to stabilize my pregnancy. We were blessed with a healthy baby boy in 2015.

When we decided we were ready to try for baby number 2, I started acupuncture again to prepare for a frozen embryo transfer. The month we were going to do the FET I was surprised with a positive pregnancy test. I got pregnant naturally using just acupuncture and natural treatments. We were blessed with a healthy baby girl in 2017.

When going through infertility it can be difficult to relax, but it is so important and acupuncture helps you relax along with all the other benefits. I truly feel that acupuncture and other natural treatments that Chandon recommend to me helped with getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy and delivery.” –JH

I had read about how acupuncture can support IVF treatments so I decided to go for it. I am not one who really likes needles, but after visiting with Chandon I was immediately at ease. She believes in treating the whole body so each visit also included a chat about diet recommendations that could aid the conception and my overall health. I really feel like she truly listened and was very attentive. In fact, she was so involved in timeline of the IVF process that she made herself available to do an acupuncture treatment before and immediately after the embryo transfer.

There is no doubt in my mind that our successful IVF cycle (on our 1st try) with fraternal boy-girl twins is due in part to the acupuncture treatments and wellness suggestions from Chandon. I delivered the twins at 38 weeks and they went home with my husband and me without any time spent in NICU. Our family is complete!” –TS